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Position: Accounts Receivable Manager
Ukrainian and Bulgarian citizenship on the territory of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria
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Hello! We are the Pharmbills team and we work in Medical Billing field.
We currently have 50 open Accounts Receivable Manager positions because of how quickly the industry is growing.
In 2020 we launched the Pharmbills Academy to help talented individuals start new careers from scratch.
Our internship is the first step.
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Medical Billing
The industry is growing and we now have 50 positions for Accounts Receivable Manager. In 2020, we created Pharmbills Academy to help talents learn a new profession. The first step is our internship.
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June 28
July 5
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Accounts Receivable Manager is all about multitasking
You have to analyze financial data, supervise certain processes and compile reports.

AR Manager main responsibilities include:

Record keeping
Phone communication
Report compilation
*All of this is done in English, so fluent English is our primary requirement for applicants.
Medical Billing Industry offers the same wage growth as does the IT field.
Once you have 1 full year of experience, you can apply for a Middle position.

Career growth

from $600 per month
from $750 per month
from $850 per month
from $950 per month
Team Lead
from $1200 per month

The internship is perfect for

Students in their final years
Anyone who wants to switch professions
Anyone who wants to become an awesome professional with fluent English
Young experts at the start of their careers

Requirements for candidates

English level: Upper-Intermediate or higher
Analytical skills
Age: 21 years and older
Ukrainian and Bulgarian citizenship on the territory of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria

5 reasons you should apply for the internship:

Compared to other market offers, you will be able to enter the Medical Billing industry that offers wages of IT standards very quickly
During the internship, HR managers will help you acquire skills useful for advancing in your career.
Your mentor is an American native speaker with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Their job experience is fit in a structured program that includes real-life insurance cases.
Accounts Receivable Manager understands all the processes, which makes this a great first step towards becoming a Senior specialist or a Team Lead.
During the internship, you will meet some of the Pharmabills team members. This will give you a chance to ask any career questions you have and learn about our corporate culture.
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Testimonies of our interns

I like my job and the people I work with
Anastasia Chumachenko,
Works at Pharmbills
I ended up at Pharmabills by accident :) I was about to graduate from university, so I was looking for a job where I could grow professionaly.
I was scrolling through one of looking-for-a-job groups when I saw the Pharmabills internship post, so I decided to apply. After a test and an interview, I was invited to the internship a week later :)
I am now "finishing" my education and realizing that I am starting to like the job, although it is hard sometimes, and the people I work with.
I was so happy to join the team!
Viktoriia Parovyk,
Works at Pharmbills
My Pharmabills journey started when my friend recommended me for the position. I took a look at their Instagram and thought that all the team members looked very friendly (spoiler: turned out, they are).
I passed a couple of interviews and started training with Pat. We received a lot of new information, it was all very new to me, but very interesting. I had another interview after the training and got the job. I was so happy to join the team!
The first few days were extremely pleasant: there was a lot of new information, but everyone was very nice and ready to answer any question I had. This won my heart!
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I will make great personal progress in Pharmbills!
Hlib Ostapenko,
Works at Pharmbills
About my way to Pharmbills and my days in it. I decided to apply for a job in the company because the opportunities and work conditions seemed very favorable.
The potential for professional growth attracted me a lot. Even the pretty intense learning courses, in the beginning, didn't scare me. I sincerely hope that I will make great personal progress in Pharmbills.
I can't wait for my next classes!
Diana Shelopukho,
Works at Pharmbills
I am very happy that I applied for the internship. It was a little difficult at first, but my curiosity did its job and things started to make more sense over time.
I am now going through practical seminars that make all the theory I learned much clearer, so I can't wait for my next classes :)

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