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We currently have 50 open Accounts Receivable Manager positions because of how quickly the industry is growing.

In 2020 we launched the Pharmbills Academy to help talented individuals start new careers from scratch.

Our internship is the first step.
Hello! We are the Pharmabills team and we work in the Medical Billing field.
Meet your mentor
Pat Byrns is currently holding the position of a CEO at Business Medical Management Solutions, Inc., one of the most successful companies in San Francisco. She started her career as a nurse and quickly noticed the need the hospitals had for someone who was equally good with health care and business. She then started to work on her expertise in order to be able to combine her medical experience with business acumen.

Pat holds diplomas in Business Management and health care. Her nursing license remains active in two states. Pat is a certified Practice Administrator, Medical Biller, and Medical Coder.
Pat Byrns
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Pat is also an active member of a few professional medical organizations, where she promotes innovations in medical authorities, evaluations, and document flow.

A few years ago Pat started teaching Medical Billing to the students of local and global universities.
The program
  • Introduction

  • Medical & Billing terminology

  • Roles and responsibilities of an Accounts Receivable Caller and Analyst

  • Types of Insurance

Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
  • Insurance verifications

  • Discussion of deductible coinsurance and copay

  • Prior authorization

  • Authorization workflow
  • HIPPA rules

  • Claims Processing

  • Denial Codes & Meanings
+ The full program
  • Time Based Coding

  • Reimbursement Policy

  • Personal Injury Workflow Process

  • Out-of-Pocket Maximum and Work Comp Billing Guide
Lecture 5
  • Multiple-choice test #1

  • Q&A test #1

  • Summary and recap after the tests
Lecture 4
  • Call Center Phone Etiquette
  • Tops for Call Center
  • Call Guidelines and EtiquetteScript
  • Customer Service
Lecture 6
What does the internship include?
Each group has 15 students, which allows for productive individual work.
15 students
All classes are in English. The recommended level is Upper-Intermediate or higher.
English practice
The internship is managed by an American expert with immense work experience.
Mentors and friends
It's an intensive course that combines theory and practice in order to give you a taste of the real work conditions.
Evening classes
The internship takes place on an online platform. It only takes a computer, an Internet connection, and you!
Online lessons
The internship is perfect for
Anyone who wants to switch professions
Young experts at the start of their careers
Students in their final years
Anyone who wants to become an awesome professional with fluent English
Requirements for candidates
English level: Upper-Intermediate or higher
Analytical skills
Age: 21 years and older
Residence in: Odesa, Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv, Poltava
Right after the internship you will
Work with the USA
Real cases
An opportunity to become a part of the Pharmabills team after completing the internship
A chance to sign a one-year contract right away and be confident about your tomorrow
from a CEO of an American company
Learning about healthcare
Mastering Customer Service
Scholarship and Certificate*
and workflows of American companies
Learn about the global rules of Customer Service
You will receive a scholarship of 1500 UAH and a certificate that will confirm your knowledge
*after attending all classes and accepting a job offer
5 reasons you should apply for the internship:
During the internship you will meet some of the Pharmabills team members. This will give you a chance to ask any career questions you have and learn about our corporate culture.

Accounts Receivable Manager understands all the processes, which makes this a great first step towards becoming a Senior specialist or a Team Lead.
Your mentor is an American native speaker with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Their job experience is fit in a structured program that includes real-life insurance cases.
During the internship HR managers will help you acquire skills useful for advancing in any career.
Compared to other market offers, you will be able to enter the Medical Billing industry that offers wages of IT standards very quickly.
How to get an internship
Apply to receive an email with a link to the test
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10 seconds
30 minutes
If you pass the tests, you will be invited for a short online interview
Pass an interview
After you pass the interview, we are waiting for you at the internship!
Start the internship
2 weeks
Complete 2 tests: one will determine your English level and the other one - your way of thinking
Complete the test
20 minutes
Pick a start date
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Tests can be submitted till:
October 3
Spots left:
Applications are accepted till:
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