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About Pharmbills
Pharmabills is an American outstaffing company with headquarters in Odesa.
In Ukraine, we have teams in Odesa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Vinnytsia.

We create teams for big American companies to take care of their documenеation, finance, IT support, and customer care.

We work according to the New York timezone, which is perfect for night owls.
What should you expect from Pharmabills?
Our day starts in the afternoon. You can start at 12 PM or 3 PM, it all depends on your team.
Perfect shifts for night owls
We gathered experience and knowledge from 5 years of work into our internship and onboarding program. We will teach you all about how top exerts in the USA work.
Unique profession
From business correspondence to phone calls with native speakers.
English practice
You can develop horizontally by taking on new responsibilities, as well as vertically to obtain a position of a Middle or Senior specialist, or a Team Lead.
Growth within the company
If we decide that you have to become a part of our team after the internship, we will offer you a 1-year contract right away.
Long-term employment
You will have a friend that will help you adapt during your first month.
A personal buddy
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