Testimonies of our interns

I like my job and the people I work with
Anastasia Chumachenko,
Works at Pharmbills
I ended up at Pharmbills by accident :) I was about to graduate from university, so I was looking for a job where I could grow professionaly.
I was scrolling through one of looking-for-a-job groups when I saw the Pharmbills internship post, so I decided to apply. After a test and an interview, I was invited to the internship a week later :)
I am now "finishing" my education and realizing that I am starting to like the job, although it is hard sometimes, and the people I work with.
I was so happy to join the team!
Viktoriia Parovyk,
Works at Pharmbills
My Pharmbills journey started when my friend recommended me for the position. I took a look at their Instagram and thought that all the team members looked very friendly (spoiler: turned out, they are).
I passed a couple of interviews and started training with Pat. We received a lot of new information, it was all very new to me, but very interesting. I had another interview after the training and got the job. I was so happy to join the team!
The first few days were extremely pleasant: there was a lot of new information, but everyone was very nice and ready to answer any question I had. This won my heart!
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I will make great personal progress in Pharmbills!
Hlib Ostapenko,
Works at Pharmbills
About my way to Pharmbills and my days in it. I decided to apply for a job in the company because the opportunities and work conditions seemed very favorable.
The potential for professional growth attracted me a lot. Even the pretty intense learning courses, in the beginning, didn't scare me. I sincerely hope that I will make great personal progress in Pharmbills.
I can't wait for my next classes!
Diana Shelopukho,
Works at Pharmbills
I am very happy that I applied for the internship. It was a little difficult at first, but my curiosity did its job and things started to make more sense over time.
I am now going through practical seminars that make all the theory I learned much clearer, so I can't wait for my next classes :)

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